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A book about John McGeoch, by Rory Sullivan-Burk.
The authorised biography of Johan McGeoch.
Released on Omnibus Press:

Publication Date: 28.04.22
ISBN: 9781913172664
Extent: 272 pages
Format: Hardback


Added three 7" singles, Castles in spain Promo, We can be brave again - Silver label, Love in anger - Silver label.


Ok so its finally something "New" to write about. Richard Jobson has written his story of The Armoury Show...
Cant wait to get a copy, if I do get one in time... as there are only 400 printed...
So head on to www.bracketpress.co.uk to checkit out...

Hi there As people, as you see there is not much new on this page, and there is not very much new in the world of The Armoury Show...
I know there is some shows been played, and some to come, but for more updated info for these dates you better go to the facebook group...
And I know theres talk of a AS book coming, but today still no dates, but the same here, checkout the facebopok group...

And for me, I dont really have the time I used to have for this and other sites... I read things but I try to consentrate my freetime to my family and my own music...

So if someone is interested to write on this page or make it more complete, feel free to contact me on facebook and we make something out of it...
For now I just keep this site roll and just be here, we'll se how I will do over time...

My very best to you all // Åke Noring



Things are happening in the world of Armoury Show... This site is not a fast one when it comes to new information.
So for you out there who are interested in the very latest news according to AS, you should go to the Facebook group:
- The Armoury Show Fans

Hi there, not much to present for now, but I will at least keep this site alive...
But as related info, there is a massive news with the SKIDS, tour and a new album!


Uploaded a new Live Show to the TASS-Player:
- Live at The Astoria Theatre London, 1987-03-12... this copy is so far the best sounding, from that show. I dont know if all came from the very same source, i think I have at least four different sounding versions... this on have not "Fire" included as last song...

Updated the "...bootleg-page" wit an new? old! cassette, live from Astoria 1987. Thanks to Paul, and sorry for the dalay...

Today I got some new(old) info send to me, an interview that never been released... With Mr Jobson before the last AS show -87... Thanks Simon for sharing...


Added two diffrent coloured posters for The Elephant Fayre show -84.


Updated the Tour-page with three dates in Sweden, thanks to Kay Foster.
Added a couple of more Promo shots to the Photo page...

Updated RadioTASS, with some Janice Long Sessions, from 83-84. Not top quality but maybe of interest to some...

Hallo there :)
I'm sorry I have not updated the site for a long time, but as I guess you know the new story's is not to many these days.
And I see that you are hanging a bit on Pete's Facebook page, and thats really great... and I see that Russell Webb are doing music again, thats also really great...
I'm still wondering in what way I can refresh this site, have tried a lot of "blogg" styles but I dont like them, I would really like to have a site easier to update and maintain the little bit new info there is...
And I'd really woul like to present some or every bootleg show I have, but I still seraching for a some nice player or downloader to present on this site...
And I'd just noticed today, that I have had this site for 10 years,hmmm, I had to celebrate this some way...
To be continued...

Cheers everybody in the AS world :)
// Åke

P.s Please take a look at Ian Holloway's really nice photo's d.s.

Updated the Photo page, with a lovely little item :) Thanks Fintan... I envy you a lot, the next one is mine :)


Hallo there, its a long time since I was here, so sorry...
To my defence, there is not so much going around these days with Armoury Show...
But we have this year have an fantastic release that many of us never thought would ever come to life...
A double disc cd, WFTF and b-sides, a grat booklet with inner notes from Russel Webb, Wayne Sadlier and Peter Trenholm... and some photos and Discography... I'm happy enough.
We'll see if Cherry Red Records will sell enough albums, maybe they will consider another realese in the future, cus there is other songs out there :) waiting to ba played...I Know.

I'm thinking about putting up some or all bootleg shows I've got... Is this a good or bad idee? At least I know some of you are interested in this kind of stuff. I just got to find a nice way to present the shows...

Cheers // Å

Updated the Tour page, and a new scan to the Bootleg Disco. with 1984-08-17, Cheers Fintan.

The D-Day, today its soposed to be released... The Armoury Show 2 x CD...
Cheers to everyone made this possible... looking forward for more to come :)

Updated the Photo page, with some really nice concert shots from Mrs Karen Vinson, and she got a really great wardrobe :) got a bit envy there... Thanks very much for letting us take part...

And the tracks list and Info are:

Artist: The Armoury Show
Title: Waiting For The Floods - 2 CD Edition
Catalogue # CDBRED564

CD 1:

1/ Castles In Spain
2/ Kyrie
3/ A Feeling
4/ Jungle Of Cities
5/ We Can Be Brave Again
6/ Higher Than The World
7/ Glory Of Love
8/ Waiting For The Floods
9/ Sense Of Freedom
10/ Sleep City Sleep
11/ Avalanche
12/ Innocents Abroad
13/ Is It A Wonder
14/ Catherine
15/ A Gathering
16/ Ring Those Bells
17/ We Can Be Brave Again - Single Remix

CD 2:

1/ Castles In Spain - Single DJ Edit
2/ Glory Of Love - Single DJ Edit
3/ Castles In Spain - Wubb Dug Mix
4/ We Can Be Brave Again - Extended Version
5/ Glory Of Love - Universal Mix
6/ Higher Than The Instrumental
7/ Tender Is The Night
8/ New York City - 7" Single
9/ Whirlwind
10/ New York City - N.Y.A. Go Go
11/ New York City - John Robie Remix
12/ New York City - The John Robie Dance Mix

Finally got time to write down those Fantastic NEWS,
Armoury Show is going to Release an album, ok, Re-Release but that as good as any release in my opinion :)
Cherry Red is the label who have making this possible, they are going to make it an double cd, including the complete Waiting for the floods, and as bonus all b-sides... The only sad thing is that they didnt get the legal rights to include Love in anger and Uptown/downtown...
You can already Pre-order the album from Cherry Red... so lets do soo.
There is going to be related images and Liner notes written by Russell Webb! just that is worth alot, Wayne Sadlier and Peter Trenholm... and they are doing a gret jobb...
So this is going to be be a good year...

My very best to you all // Åke N

---A happy New Armoury Show Year---
Lets hope that this is the year when stuff whill go our way, like that Cherry Red Records going to release the Album, Both Waiting for the floods and all those great B-sides, AND all those hidden Demos and out-takes...
Lets hope there will be stuff to put up on this site, and I will try to be more active on this site...
And please if you have any info or pictures feel free to mail me so we can have some "new" stuff here...

My very best to you all // Åke

Russel Webb did play live with Jean Harripaul The Hat Factory, Luton. 22-07-11.
Mail from Jean:
Hi Ake
This is the video of Russell and I playing at the Hat Factory, Castles in Spain. He's still one of the legendary bass players
Would be more than happy if you could put it on the Armoury Show site as I will be doing more gigs with Russell soon - will keep you informed

Thanks Jean

Added a link to the Scottish band White China, not direct related to the Armoury Show, but close to the family :)

Here is another Unofficial Remix, Tender is the night. Thanks to Fintan for forwarding this, kinda cute.

Here it is, The Skids release, The Singles Collection...
Captain Oi says:
"This is the first ever round up of every A and B-side released by the seminal Scottish New Wave Punk Poppers THE SKIDS!Includes the UK Top Ten smash "Into The Valley” plus the Top 20 "Masquerade” and "Working For The Yankee Dollar” – ten hit singles in total so this really is a "Best Of The Skids”.Also features many tracks making their debut on CD. Packaged in a deluxe clam shell box this 33 track release comes with two CD’s in cardboard wallets plus a highly detailed 20 page booklet featuring notes and illustrations on each release - The Skids have never looked so good!Totally remastered by Tim Turan – The Skids have never sounded so good!The Skids have always had a fantastic loyal following - the faithful are going to be as pleased owning this release as we are producing it. For the casual fan this is the MUST HAVE release".
You can buy it here:
More news from Skids. go to Callums site: http://www.the-skids.com/

Another roumor tells me that there is a chance that there will be a releas of The Armoury Show stuff in 2012!!!
From Cherry Red records...
"We hope to release a compilation by The Armoury Show in 2012, if our license request is successful with EMI Records".
Thanks Wayne for all your info and support...

I could say Ooops again, but I wont... Things happen and they dont, thats my life...
I have heard some rumours, really tiny one, but in fact a rumour? That Cherry Red Records have found some interest in releasing some Armoury Show stuff!!! This would be the greatest news in a long time, but as I wrote its just a very tiny little rumour...
You could drop them an mail and tell them that this is rally the right decision to make...

And if you havent go and join the new Facebook group: The Armoury Show reformation campaign

Skids News:
Captain Oi! are to release the first official career round up of the Skids singles both A-sides and B-sides, this is scheduled for around October this year.

Richard Jobson News:

The World Premiere of THE SOMNAMBULISTS is on Friday 14 October with additional screenings on Saturday 15 and Monday 17 October. More info visit the fantastic Skids site...

Done some minor Link updates

Oops, three month since I did something, soory.
Thanks to my friend Wayne have I now two new items to Discography section, one fron his collection and one from mine, but both thanks to him :) Also added some poster from Skids and Russel Live, maybe it will be a new section soon.

AND, I have got info that Russel will be playing a gig again... this is really great stuff to see, so you who can get there please do... He will join Harripaul for one gig on the Swings and roundabout tour 2011.
Russel show will be at: The Hat Factory, Luton. 22-07-11
(see poster here...)

If you got those Skids posters from the reunion tour and gigs, I love to have copies to put on the page... You can mail them to me at: armoury.show@gmail.com


Ans so there is was a "new" cassette bootleg for sale on the net, and a friendly man bought it and and send me a copy, hats of for mr Fintan Coyle... :) This time a show in Finland - 86, my first show from that year. If anyone know who's playing the guitar and the drums, please let me know...


A message from Mr Sadlier:
"Last May, Russell was invited by IG to play at one of the Dissenters Gallery gigs. The sound guys kindly recorded to cd Russell's set. Finally I have mastered and uploaded all the tracks to Myspace. Check them out if you want at":

Track list: 01 Castles In Spain / 02 Waiting For the Floods / 03 Love In Anger / 04 Iona / 05 One Hand Clapping / 06 Fields
Thanks to Wayne for his work with mastering and making Russel's Music avalible again... So more of these Please.

For the moment my time is not enough to do some major upgrade with the site, so for now it will just be some small ones...
But over to the real stuff:
Skids on DVD, almost there, release on location: The Skids on stage at the Carnegie Hall on Sunday 31st October.
More info about the DVD release...

More info about the release show...


For all of you who still dont have a copy of "Waiting for the floods" on CD, now is your moment. Ian Grant's Track Records is selling "Three" copies, in mint condition, on eBay. For the moment for 16 GBP...

Finally I've got some programs working on my new computer, a Mac, and as an Pc user for all my digital time this is a big change. Enough said, Ive got some scans from Fintan Coyle and its a signed songlist (not sure thats the word), see for your self...


At last a New recording from Russel Webb, live from his latest performence. Six songs, three Armoury Show songs, two Skids songs and one new Russel Webb solo song... So when will the man play next... I can just say I'm glad if Russel have found joy in music again, thats the only thing thats matters... So go to; http://www.myspace.com/russellwebbmusic


... this is later. I have I will try to get a little Audio player to work, and this this is it, for the moment. And for a starter I have loaded it with six 12-Inch mixes, I hope everyone will get this to play. RadioTASS... You got a link on the front page under "Latest Update".
I have not done this before due to legal rights, but know got some contact about this that make me try this, else I will delete the player.

Keep on telling Cherry Red your interest in a re-release, new cd, or dvd release with Armoury Show. Maybe here is someone who are interested in our voice... and money :)


... later :)


At last I got time to announce that Russel Webb will be playing live again, and this is of cource fantastic news...
-21 May, at the Dissenter Galllery, The INN ON THE GREEN, 3-5 Thorpe Close (Portobello Green)
London, W10 5XL, 020 8962 5757
More info from Track Records

Updated the Discopraphy with an Brazilian version of Waiting for the floods.

An interview with Richard Jobson, audio Podcast; "Meet the Director Richard Jobson", by iTunes.
Free download through iTunes
1:10 min, Mp3

And if you locking for Skids live, just take the browser and walk around YouTube, and you have stuff for the rest of the week...


So here it comes thanks to Fintan, like the postman, cheers. Castles in spain with The Skids 2010-03-06
- The links page on this site, or
- YouTube

Romour has told me that "Castles in spain" has been played live for the first time in many years, please enlighten me... by the Skids this weekend... :)


An article publisched in Evening Times... about the Skids and Richard Jobson
Evening Times article...


Dont forget to support Russel Webb tonight, at Farrington Gurney, which is between Wells and Bristol.Russel first live show in many years, hopfully there will be more, soon...

Info from, http://www.theskids.com/
Due to an unavoidable and unforeseen clash of schedules, The Skids will not be able to perform at the Inverness Ironworks on March 7th, the band would like to apologise to all of the fans that have bought tickets for the show, tickets are refundable at the point of purchase, but should anyone wish to still catch a show there are a few tickets left for the Glasgow date on March 5th, see www.gigsinscotland.com for details.

Now you can download, The Skids John Peel sessions 1979-02-19, from iTunes.


A new sesions for download, The Skids John Peel session (19th February 1979) will be available to download on 8th February! from Play and Amazon:
1. Summer (John Peel Session 19/2/79)
2. Hang On To The Shadows (John Peel Session 19/2/79)
3. Zit (John Peel Session 19/2/79)
4. Walk On The Wild Side (John Peel Session)

11000 visitors... I'm just take my hat off for you guys.

Lock at this, find this on Cherry Red's forum, where some of us has left messages about recomended new releases:
"Thanks, we'll pass this one on..." by Cherry Red...
Cherry Red Forum...

Ahoy skiddis, there seams to come more live dates for you...
-2010-03-05: O2 ABC, Glasgow, GB
-2010-03-06: Alhambra TheatreDunfermline, GB
-2010-03-07: The IronworksInverness, GB


At last I have complete scanning whats called "Richard Jobson's Scrapbook", when I bought it on the net...
I dont know if I Belevie or not, but its loaded with cuttings, so take a look on the photo page, 73 pages in all

Keep up the Cherry Red Forum...


I did find a forum on Cherry Red records, where they're interested in suggestions for albums to re-release! And someone already suggested "Waiting for the floods". Maybe its a good idee that we all, whos interested in a "New" release of that album, and all b-sides and lost demos...
Cherry Red Forum...

The Skids will play at Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline.
Sat 6 Mar 2010, 19:00
Tickets, through Ticketmaster...
More info: The Skids fans website

Russel Webb will be playing live
. More...
27 February 2010. Farrington Gurney Hall Church Lane Farrington Gurney (nr Bristol) BS39 6TY
£6 adv - £8 on door
- Jake Butler will be playing too (son of Tony Butler, Mr Bassman of Big Country)
more info; www.bigcountry.co.uk

Russel Webb will be playing live
, as special guest at a Thunderclap Newman Band gig. "Thunderclap Newman" had a big hit in 1969 with "Something In The Air". - Mark Brzezicki of Big Country is on drums for Thunderclap.
- The Venue is The Hall Farrington Gurney nr Bristol, 2010 February 27th.
Watch this space for more details....

-Updated the Bootleg section with a new cassette, Live in Manchester 1985. Big thanks to my dear friend Fintan Coyle.

Richard Jobson and Emma Thompson's short film about the brutal realities of sex trafficking.
WARNING This video contains strong sexual and violent images that viewers may find disturbing.
Please click the link below to view the video and read the article on The Guardian Website:

I'd really like to get in touch with "Del", this is all I got for a name. So if you recognize your pictures on the Photo page, please mail me... its embarrassing to have lost you...

So I have updated the Photo-page with two new pictures...


2009-12-23: 22.00
Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Thanks for dropping by... Hopfully I will come up with some "new" stuff the forthcoming year, maybe with a little help from you...

Cheers // Åke Noring

An eclectic, exciting, not to be missed, ‘once in a lifetime’ programme of music and arts events, workshops, master classes, an audience with… and film showings, celebrating and showcasing the illustrious career of Richard Jobson – presented by Richard and supported by special guests.
Born in West Fife in 1960, Richard Jobson has become one of Fife’s most illustrious and innovative cultural heroes. His band ‘The Skids’ was a revolutionary UK wide force in the art-punk movement in the 70’s and he has gone on to develop his creative career in many areas. He has continued over the years to build his career as a worldwide musical force to be reckoned with, while also encouraging and producing music with others, writing highly successful books, presenting some of TV’s top shows, script and screenwriting and producing and directing award winning, and influential, films.
Supported by Fife Council's Celebrating Fife 2010 Flagship Funding Programme.

The Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline. Date:01 Feb 2010 - 31 Mar 2010
Information courtesy of Fife Council and Visit Dunfermline. Photo by Shot By A Gunn, Homecoming Live 2009

Skids at "a Homecoming" Live photos now on Facebook

Now you can buy The Skids album Joy, download only:
- Joy (+ Bonus Tracks) for £7.99 at Amazon
- Joy (+ Bonus Tracks) for £7.99 at hmv.com
- Joy (+ Bonus Tracks) for £7.99 at Play.com


Added to the "Related Disko-page", the two Skids sessions from John Peel, that just been released for download...

Hipp hipp horray.... 10 000 visitors, you people make all this :)

I will try to make it worth coming back, again...


Updated the Discograph page, with a very rare Castles in spain item, thanks to Wayne Sadlier.

SKIDS will be playing again!
At the Homecoming Live at the SSEC Glasgow on Saturday 28th November 2009.
More info at: http://www.the-skids.co.uk/skids/
More info at: http://www.homecominglive.com/

Updated the Photo Page, with a fully signed cover of "The Glory of love"


Updated the Disco.Related page with 6 new The Zones item, thanks to Stuart Jones... cheers.

Updated the link page with two new Zones links, very interesting. AND listen to old Zones songs...
Updated the Disc.Bootleg page, Rockpalast CD


A video interview with Russel Webb, about his music composing for the upcoming Internet TV series "Nine Lives". You will find the link on the Links page also...

Updated the Bootleg page, with an DVD, given from another AS fan, who found it on something called the Internet. Incl a nice cover, in printeble resolution. The Spanish Tv-show from 1984, seen it before but not in this good shape.

Updated the Photopage with a new scan from Fintan Coyle, thanks very much. A poster from Astoria Theatre.

Updated the Tourpage with a new show: 1985-01-04 at Barrowland, Glasgow, Scotland. Thanks To Del.

New songs from Russell Webb, an instrumental song called "Blakes death, and an Live version of "When the river runs dry", with the complete Armoury Show...

Updated the related page, with Jobsons new film, The absolute game 2004 and 2009

Maybe its time to get a new guitar, maybe you should buy one of John McGeoch's guitars. His daughter is offering two of John's guitars on e-Bay... and one items of John's old stage coat, a beige one... and an black leather jacket, maybe the one he used in Armoury Show...

Ok its time again to got to Russel Webbs page, there you can find three more songs feat John McGeoch on guitar...
Songs: "Baby blue", "Many fish in the sea" and "Dog in the manager"

Updated the photo page with a poster from Noway, from 85-06-04. Thanks to Pål Christiansen, who let me borrow his item...
And I'd like to mention that Russel Webb has uploaded two more songs to his MySpace page... go there and listen to: "See you in heaven" and "Love in anger"

Added a new Tour laminat to the Photo page, borrowed from Mr Fintan Coyle, Cheers.
Noticed that Russel Webb have uploaded to more songs on his MySpace page, check it out...


Now you can listen to an old Armoury Show song, "When the river runs dry", on Russel Webbs own MySpace page.
(I hope he dont mind me adding him here). Here is also two more songs, really great stuff... checkit out.
Added Russels page to the links page, the same with Magazine's MySpace page...


Updated the Boootleg page, with a Cd compilation. Pandoras Music Box and BBC sessions... Thanks Fintan Coyle
I have also uploaded a new Wallpaper.


Just let you got a glimse of my Scrapbook, i was told it were Richards, maybe, it doesn't matter, its full of "stuff"...
The ticket from the frontpage is from there... nice.


Now you can watch photos from the rehersal of Magazine Reunion 2009... I love to see tha old Yamaha SG in action :)

Updated the Tour-Page, and the Photo-page. Updated with the -85 European Tour, and a laminat from that tour. My very thanks to Tony Leighton...

For you who have the oportunity to see the Magazine, just doit. So far this is what you got to choose from:
-10 Feb 2009 19:00 Carling Academy Oxford Oxford, London and South East
-12 Feb 2009 20:00 The Forum, London London, London and South East
-13 Feb 2009 20:00 The Forum, London London, London and South East
-14 Feb 2009 20:00 Academy 1, Manchester Manchester, Northwest
-16 Feb 2009 19:30 Carling Academy, Glasgow Glasgow, Scotland
-17 Feb 2009 19:30 Academy 1, Manchester Manchester, Northwest


Happy New Year to ya all...
I Hope this one will bring us interesting things from the people this site is dedicated to...
Cheers // Åke Noring

To you all whos been searching for information about John Doyle, He's being interviewd by the Internet Fanzince MudKiss.


If you logon to the As forum, you can get hold of 5 x 12", Signed by all four member!
That could be somthing to spend money on ...
AS Forum... and the thread: < Armoury Show records ~ My Bootleg Collection.


Sorry for not updating enough stuff...
But this one is BIG...
Thanks to Ian Holloway, I can proudly announce 26 photographs to the site, this is a welcome contribution...
So please take a look...

Anyone fancy owning an rare instrument! Russel Webb is selling his BASS, the one who have been with The Skids, The Armoury Show and PIL... :) isnt that somthing... More info on the Skids homepage

Read about Richard Jobson's new, The new town killers, at the NEWS, Scotsman.com

I found 1 cd of AS, Waiting for the floods on eBay, I know there's a lot of people intrested in this item, so hurry up...
Armoury Show - Waiting for the floods CD


Got e-mail from John Doyle!!! He enlighten me with some info at the "member-page". And he verified that Magasine will play a couple of gigs in 2009.

Updated the TASS page, the starterkit... with some new items.

Added two more YouTube videos to the Armoury Show player at the Links page.
Is it a wonder and Love in anger, uploaded på RNregina

Find this video on YouTube, Russel Webb playing guitar and singing Iona, at the Skids Fans Gathering 2008.
If theres more like this one out there im very interested if so...
I Have added an VideoPlayer of Russel performence, on the linkspage...
Ok I've desided to upload some photos I did find a couple of years ago, on the Rockpalast site. Now they been replaced... So if you know who or if you are the one who are the noname photographer, please let me know...

- At last i got some time to get up a Photo i got sent to me, a while ago :( , b y Mitch Poole, many thanks.
- There are some rumour that tell that Magazine will come together and do at least one live show...
Manchester Academy Sat 14 Feb 2009. (my source PT)

Updated the Related-page, three more scans for the Zones, and a new cover to Skids Wide open 7 inch, and an scan for the second Fields 7". Thanks Pete, you are an outstanding source...

Tomorrow, Saturday 02/02, BBC2 will send an documentary called: Spellbound: "The Story of John McGeoch"
Time: 2004-2100, so be ready with your recorders.

I'm proud to announce that i now have rescanned all "my" items, incl front, back, innersleeves and labels. So i hope this will in some interest for some of you collectors... I think i begin to come very close to a omplete Discography page.

At last i have tried to sort this mess out, and i hope its almost right... I have updated the Tour-page, with some consulting from Pete Trenholm, many thanks... Plese let me know if you have info. that i got wrong.

First, Happy New year everybody...
I'm proud to announce that i have got more Photos from, The Loft in Berlin, Germany. So for these one's i lift my hat off for "Raven", who has borred my those great pictures...


To day its been excatly 1 year, and 4150 page hits later, since i released this site. Thanks to you all who have paid interst in this site and especially in Armoury Show... Its after all for theire music i do this and i think thats why you visiting this page.
So my greatest thanks to you all and of cource to: Russel webb, Richard Jobson, John Doyle and John McGeoch.

To selebrate this i can proudly deliver two new photo's on the complete group.
The photo are done and delivered by Raven, so to you to Raven, cheers...
Theyre been cought backsatage in Germany back in -85.

Collected some Richard Jobson stuff from YouTube, like trailers and interviews,. You will find them on the link page. Also added one more livesong with AS...


A live perforemene of Into the valley, with Richard Jobson, Bruce Watson and Generation-x Project,
from the Nordoff-Robbins Tartan Clef Awards.

Added a playlist from YouTube, with 10 videos... Find it on the Link-page.

At last i got myself a copy of Castles in spain 12" promo. Scanned and added to the site...
I have missed to make room for the link to the fortcoming Skids Documentary...
And also, dont forget to listnen to Richard Jobsons, with students from Trinity High School in Cambuslang,
new version of In to the walley, magic...

An interview with Richard Jobson in the Evening News Internet edition, "When punks and anarchy ruled the Uk".

Four more Bootleg covers in the section... and once again from Mr Stephen McKeeman, Cheers.

Finally i got somthing done, here you have three more Bootleg covers and info. Its just a start, got more from the source, Mr Stephen McKeenman...

Now i know who made those bootleg covers, Mr Stephen McKeeman made contact and told me that he maybe had some more...

I having some problems with the adverts page, the upper half will not show the images, and i dont have the slightest idea.
- Now i know, my virus progam did go bananas about the name "Ad", in file and folder names, computer security : )


Added a new link, a few livetrack from 1983, a radioshow called Pandoras box

Added an Skids item i bought from Germany. Its an limited 7 " single called "Pre Scared to dance"... I've added front, back and both sides from the label. I will do this with every item i've got, in time...


Have find a site about the Elephant Fayre, incl. a poster from that show with AS. You find it on the Links page, Ad-page...

Find the artist who created the original painting that where used to Skids - A women in winter.


If you logon to Richard Jobsons site, you can find him deliver two nice black & white photos, from the New Skids...

A new update, this time i think i got almost every Skids single? If not please let me know, and of course, f i got things the wrong way.

I've updated the Disc.Related page. For the moment i've added my Skids Cd's and Lp's. I will look over my singles soon.

At last i got time to do some update. A new section for Bootlegs,this is what i got and what people have helpd me with...
Bootleg page...
And i do have put some more colour to the site : ), if you got mixed colours yout update the page.

If you havn't visit the Skids Fansite, do so. Here you can read maybe Rickard Jobsons last words regarding the New Skids.

Hope you all have had some lovely Skids days...
So for all the peolpe like me, who wasnt there, here is a glimps off Skids 2007... T in the park, BBC [11.33min]

This is the day... or? Hope you all who are going to see the Skids play have a very nice evening!
Hope everybody enjoyed the Skids sessions at Radio Clyde1.

I've got three nice pictures from the Rockpalast show in -85. Great thanks to Mick West. In the Photo section...

An interview wit Richard Jobson can be read at the Scotsman.com - Hampden will resound to the roar of Jobson's punk classic

To you all collectors, now you can download 2 really nice liveposters from the Official Skids site.


At last i got some time to do some scanning. I'v got a "new" item, a Hollands pressed version of Waiting for the floods.
Made some click'ble thumbnails of the innerbag. Also i've uploaded the 4-paged booklet that did come with the Japanese version of the very same album. Read more...

Latest Skids news! Live on Radio Clyde, 102.5
They will do an eight track live session for Billy Sloan's radioshow on Radio Clyde on July 1st.

Photo's from the Skids rehearsal day 1 ... its look like its a bit to deal with : )

Skids now sold out even Thu. 4July - Denfermline Glen Pavilion. Three sold out shows, not bad for an old punkband!

Found this on YouTube: http://yourvideo.heteml.jp/detail.php5?id=6Y9gjkXjiEg

Things getting bigger!
Skids sold out Denfermline Glen Pavilion - Thu. 5 July, so you got another date: 4 July.
Tickets can be bought from: http://www.gigsinscotland.com/events.html
More info: http://www.theskids.com/glen-pressrelease.html

The band should be:
Vocal: Richard Jobson
Bass: Bill Simpson
Drums: Mike Baillie
Guitar: Bruce Watson (Big Country).

More Skids interviews:
When we were Skids: Bill Simpson interviews by Gary Fitzpatrick

More Skids news!
They will play another gig and it will be held in Denfermline Glen Pavilion - Thu. 5 July.
All i can say, congratualations to you all who will be able to go there... i can only hope someone will tell me afterwords.
read more... www.the-skids.co.uk/website - www.mjm.uk.net

Eaten any eggs!
A little to read from "Scotland on Sunday 8 april-07. Scotsman.com: Once more into the valley


Great news for you who live in England:
Skids to re-form for T In The Park! The Skids will take the main stage for a final, one-off gig on Saturday 7th July, 30 years to the month since they were first formed.

Is there anyone out there who got this "AS Starterkit"and remember whats in it! Pete remember the most, but not all : )...
I was reached by a rumour that Russel webb has finished Chapter one, of his book (Curiosity killed the cat).

At last i manage to release the new page called : TASS, this should be every issue from the AS News Magasine. If there is anything missed please let me know. This site is possible thanks to Pete Trenholm... and thanks to Sean Dison and Wayne Sadlier for the
help with the colour scans...

I've got an interview from Sean Dixon, thanks. So while we waiting for me to put up all the TASS Magazines, feel free to drop by an read this new stuff... Interview page...
I got me some copies of the Lp Debut:5 and an Lp called Summer coolers. You find it on the Discography page.
I got a copy of Richards film, 16 years... They renamed it to: Frankie Mac - The huligan.

I have got myself a copy of "Castles in Spain 7" RDJ6109" in bronze cover... You find it on the Discography page.

Added some, 4 new Richard Jobson items... Disco-related page...

Added a new cover, The Zones, under influence, on the Disco-related page...
Today i've got a copy of a Brazilian 12" Promo. You find it on the Discography page.

Ok time for update. Here comes 12 new review's, for live and album releases... Find them on the "Review-page"
Next to come is Pete's massive collection of the complete Fanclub Magazine...

No panic, new stuff is just round the corner, but i had to share my time a little with some others in the real world, work and family, so i'm not just lazy...

Added one photo to the "Photopage", a signed group photo.

Added 3 more pages at the "interview page".

-Added 30!
new Adverts / tourplans on the advert page .
-Theres more to come...
-Now i also got a copy of NYC 12" RX6153, added the item in the discography page.
-I have done an ikon* , so you have a chance to see whats new to this site...
-Added the poster from N.Y.C 12" R6153, at the photo page

Thanks everybody who has visited this site: 1000 visits!!! in 35 days... : )
I will soon upload a lot of new stuff, my letterbox and my mailbox is full of stuff, please keep me drowning in stuff.

Updated a new gigdate, 22 Jun 1984 York University. From Richard Watson who where there...

Updated the "Interview page", got some delivery, an interview from 1983 "The Barmy Armoury".

Deleted the second album from Visage, it seems that John McGeoch didnt play on that one.

Updated the Photopage, more photos from Frazer Drummond...
It dont have to be promoshots to be importent, so if you do have some stuff you dont think are some masterpiece, send it to me anyway...

To those of you who have downloaded the Tab: Higher then the world. Its been updated and better...

Have managed to get an decent address: "www.armouryshow.com", cus youre here you probably already know...

To all of you guitarist's, now you can try to play against McGeoch in "Higher then the world".
John Dixon have delivered a new tab, enjoy...

Ok i will try this...I? created a Forum for thoose who are interested to make a longer conversation then the guestbook...
My hope where that i could mange to implement the Forum more in "the-site", but, got to learn more about this stuff...
til the we try this one out... If youre interested you need to register a user, and then its just and write. So please do...

I've updated an interview "Show the strenght" 1985-02-09, from black/white to colour. Thanks to Sean Dixon...

Uploaded an interview with John McGeoch, from The Guitarist magazine, 1985. Its pure guitar talk : ). I've got it send to me from Keith Hurcome, many Thanks...

For those of you who have downloded the Kyrie Tab, there is a newly updated, a minor fault, John Dixon has fixed it...

Today i got a copy of the 12" NYC John Robie Dance Mix, listen to it for the first time... Its really "fun time at the mixing table.

I have try to complete the "Tour page" a little bit. Now you can click, on the venue that have an *, to see recorded tracks.

So people now you can rock'on to your stereo, this sites first Tabbed song... Kyrie, thanks to John Dixon who let me borrow it. So if anyone more like to contribute, just let me know...

Uploaded an new interview, from Record Mirror 1985, "... strenght". delivered by Sean Dixon, thanks.

Have updated som problems the occurred when using Internet Explorer, sorry i didn't check enough. I dont use IE, i use Mozilla Firefox...


Merry Christmas people, its kinda day when you logout from the net, and meet people, so see ya another day.

Updated the "Photo page", the autograph's from the whole band, borrowed from Pete T.

I did just write that and then; hm hm
I'm Proudly to Announce that Mr Russel Webb, also paid a visit to the site tonight : ) (Double big smile)
I can just Proudly Announce that today, Mr Richard Jobson himself paid a visit... : ) (Big smile)

Added a new interview from 1987-01-24, from Melody Maker...
Added three films from Richard Jobson to the "Disc-Related" page

Updated the "Disography", with two new items that i got today; 12" Senes of freedom and 12"NYC - The John Dobie Mix.
And "Disco-related" with an item sent to from Wayne S. A group called PVC-2, that Russel did play bass on, in 1977...

Updated the Disco-Related, with an Generation-X item, amd the first Visage album.

Thanks for the credit, frinds from the internet world... and thanks for all help and info.
As a start i've updated the Photo page, three more pictures from two liveshows, thanks Frazer...
Hopfully there's more to come...

I have put up all the lyrics from "Armoury Show II" (Richard Jobson) album.

I need some help from someone who are interested in writing "The Armoury Show History"... i'm no scribent. The same with "The Members page".

Its time to release this project, scary i know that theres a lot of people out there who know much more about Armoury Show then i do.
So please be nice...
I'm uploading this site, now's for real...

Minor updates to the site

Found and bought me an copy of 12" Sens of freedom. Didnt know this item existed, thanks Pete. When i got i will update the "Discogrgaphy-page". Still searching for "N.Y city" - 12"-12RX6153., any tip anyone?

Made contact with Russel Webb about Armoury Show demos Pre-Waiting for the floods. He said he hade abunch in hes drawer, and then we have to see... In my head every record Company in the world would kill for a release of thoose demos, but we'll have to wait and see...

-Russel Webb are writing on a book, i've been told, lets hop so..

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